If you are anything like us, then you love a good mirror. But did you know that with a simple frame you can turn any plan mirror into a work of art?

So Why Frame a Mirror?

We are all quite familiar with using mirrors when we are getting ready each day or checking our appearance before heading out the door. Have you considered displaying mirrors for any other reasons? Hanging a framed mirror at the end of a dark hall can reflect light from a room at the other end of the hallway, making the area appear brighter. A framed mirror hung directly across from a window can reflect the view and mimic another window in the space.

Now Choose the Right Frame

Since a mirror doesn’t have an inherent style, pretty much anything goes. Our main consideration is to direct you to frames that will support the weight of the mirror. As far as design goes, the frame can blend into your room or become a dramatic accent. Rather than using a single large mirror, we can also frame a series of smaller mirrors you can hang in a grid for added interest.