Framing for Valentine’s Day <3

What do we get the ones we love? Thinking of a unique Valentine’s gift every year can be difficult. It’s easy to grab chocolates, flowers, or a teddy bear from […]

2020 Vision: Home design trends for the new year and beyond !

Now that the excitement for a new year and new decade have calmed…what’s in store for designing and new trends in 2020? When we think of trend directions for the […]

Welcome to August!

getting ready for back to school and saying goodbye to summer vacations… Even though it’s still summer time, there’s a lot to prepare for in August! Summer vacations are winding […]

Welcome June!

summer is upon us…are you ready?! June is another big month! Thoes summer nights are long and hot…but not to worry, here’s a little reminder of some important days! Flag […]

Welcome to May!

May is a big month with a lot going on…here are some reminders you won’t want to forget! May is a big month with a lot going on. But don’t […]

Graduation Season!

Graduation season is almost here…start thinking about those diplomas! The Class of 2019 is almost ready to walk the stage! Start thinking about what to do with those diplomas, caps […]

Hello March!

Who’s Ready For Spring?! This is the time to stay inside, watch movies, and wait for spring to come! Consider framing movie posters, playbills, and photos of your favorite starlets. […]


Here’s what we were up to at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas! We had such a great time at this year’s Art and Frame Expo! […]


looking for last minute gift ideas?! Don’t Forget!!! Here at FrameWorks and Creative photo we offer a wide variety of personal gifts! looking for something special for the person in […]


don’t get too full on turkey….there’s shopping to be done! After all the turkey and football…join us this Friday! Get a jump on all those holiday gifts! Our first Black […]


The holidays are right around the corner…need some gift ideas? Having trouble finding the perfect holiday gift?! Well look no further…here at FrameWorks we offer a wide variety of gift […]


Check out our Facebook page for constant updates about what we are up to! Did you know…we’re on Facebook?! Visit our Facebook page…drop us a line, send us a photo […]


We love color here at Frameworks…here’s what we’ve been framing lately. We don’t know about you, but here at Frameworks we love colorful frames! Lately we have been having so […]

What to do with your canvas?

But did you know there are a few different options to consider when printing images on canvas? Canvas is a very popular printing option these days. But did you know […]

Frame your hero

With Veteran’s Day upon us…start thinking about who your heroes are! Our soldiers and veterans are true heroes. They give unselfishly to protect our country so we can continue to […]

Need the perfect wedding gift?

Having trouble finding a good wedding gift?! Your search is over! Stop in and see us at FrameWorks to design that perfect gift that will give the happy couple memories […]

Hanging your Art…

Hanging Groupings: Groupings of mixed and matched art and frames, or framed art and mirrors are popular today. Unlike a matched set of art that is generally framed the same […]

Time for an Update!

With the kids in school and the holidays right around the corner, now is the best time to update or redecorate! Take a look around, any projects you’ve been putting […]

Did you know…

You can frame an article of clothing? We can frame just about anything, including clothing. Perhaps you have something special that was handed down in your family, like your grandmother’s […]

Happy Halloween!!

If you’re trying to get into the Halloween spirit come visit us with all your spooky and horror inspired art work. we would love to design something fun and dark […]

Life is too short to not buy Art you Love!

You can’t spell heart without art. Buy Art That You Love You should always choose art that you love, not something that happens to have the same color scheme as […]

Change with the times…

Update Your Framed Art Don’t be afraid to change things up. If you are redecorating or moving maybe it’s also time to change the frames on your walls to something […]

Add a Fillet for a little Bling!

What is a Fillet? A fillet is a decorative accessory that can be inserted into the opening of a mat or the lip of a frame. When used with a […]

Using Multiple Frames…

Did you know you can use multiple frames to create one beautiful display? Something to think about when one frame just isn’t enough.

Let’s Talk about Mats

Bottom-Weighted Mats A bottom-weighted mat is one with a wider border below the art than on the top and sides. This classic technique was used when mats originated and it […]

Holiday Gift Ideas…

With the holidays right around the corner, it is never to soon to start thinking about gift ideas. Beat the holiday madness and start early! Create an Heirloom If you […]

Don’t Forget!

Just because something has been framed, doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Pay attention to your framed art to make sure it remains in good condition. The most common problems […]

Protect your investment

Now that you have chosen glass or acrylic it’s time to decide what type will protect your art or valuables the best. We offer a few different options… Conservation grade […]

Acryllic Vs. Glass

We offer both glass and acrylic for all of your framing needs. Some of our customers prefer one over the other and we believe there is a time and place […]

Frame Size

Appropriate Frame Width Many people assume that narrow frame moldings are for small pictures and larger works of art should be paired with wider frame moldings. That isn’t always the […]

Back To School

School is in session. Now is the perfect time to celebrate with prints on metal, acrylic, and canvas! Here at Creative Photo and FrameWorks, we can be your one stop […]

What Color Frame Works Best?

let’s start thinking about the color of your frame! Choosing A Frame Color Several methods are used when selecting appropriate frame colors, including: – Match or coordinate a dominant color […]

Choosing a Frame…what’s your style?

Choosing A Frame Style That’s right for you and your Art. The style of a frame should always flatter the art it surrounds. If the art you want to use […]

Mirrors and what to do with them…

If you are anything like us, then you love a good mirror. But did you know that with a simple frame you can turn any plan mirror into a work […]

4 reasons to Custom Frame!

Protecting your Artwork: Do you want your children and grandchildren to see your wedding photos? There are many moments in your life which you want to pass on. 1. Protecting […]

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